What is a digital storytelling
· It allows you to create powerful stories
· Giving life to a story with multimedia;
· Share stories to a worldwide audience

Your digital storytelling can present your:
·         Personal stories
·         Describe your stories or your contents
·         Present creative stories

In multimedia storytelling format that motivate your audience.
"Digital Storytelling" Course, guides you to create multimedia stories that motivate your students and your audiences.

This workshop/course is addressed to educators who want to create a new experience using innovative teaching methodologies.
With this course, you will learn to create powerful multimedia stories to motivating students.
It is addressed to all levels of educators to teach and guide their students.
It expected that learners in “Digital storytelling” workshop, would get skills to create, personal, descriptive and creative digital storytelling contents.

As the following examples:

Personal digital storytelling

These are examples of personal stories presented in digital format:

A Middle Ages village unique at 150 SE of Lisbon

Alentejo - Portugal



Visit to Kiev

Why to visit Azores Islands

Volga cruse

Relembrar Dubai, Vietnam e Camboja

Brasil Eco 

Around the world

Descriptive stories

This are stories used as contents for children courses, using PPT and converted into video:

Children´s rights
The water cycle

The supper clean hands

Creative stories
These stories were made by children, and guided by a tutor, using PPT, narrated and converted into a video.

Matilda Story


Gumball and Gumfill

Spider Man and the secret net

The knight that protect the trees

The Knight that protect the forests

The withe rabbit

Why children should not vote under the age of heighten